Create billions of wealth and build hundred-year-old enterprise.Create billions of wealth and build hundred-year-old enterprise.

       Yingkou Ningfeng Group is located in Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province which named "China magnesium Capital". Magnesite resources are rich here and has a unique geographical location. It is a comprehensive modern enterprise that integrates R & D, production and sales. The group has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification. Main products are ferro nickel, refractories, new thermal insulation materials, ultra-high power graphite electrode.

       The group has founded in 2002, after 16 years of continuous development, the total assets reached 1 billion yuan, owns 1 million square meters of land, more than 1000 employees, including more than 200 technical managers, annual output value of 2.5 billion yuan.

Company’s products:

Ferro nickel: In 2014, company invested 500 million rmb to develop high automatic ferro-nickel production line with the most advanced Ukraine technological rotary kiln-RKEF. We planned to set up 4 ferro nickel production lines, has completed 1 line with 30000KVA which produces 60000mt per year and the output value is 600 million yuan. The second line with 30000KVA is going to complete and start production at the end of 2019. Products are selling to domestic stainless steel plants.

       Refractories: The Group owns 30 furnaces of fused magnesia, the main products: large crystal fused magnesia, fused magnesite; annual output is 90,000 tons with output value of 300 million yuan. The products produced by the Group are exported to Europe, South Korea, India and other countries. The quality and service have won the praise of customers.

      The Group invested 20 million yuan in building magnesia-carbon brick factory in 2008, covering an area of 20, 000 square meters, a workshop floor area of 9000 square meters, and annual output of 40, 000 tons. There are 10 friction presses, 8 mixers and 5 dryer kilns in the workshop. Main products: magnesia carbon brick, AMC brick, magnesia alumina brick, Al-Mg-Si-C brick, Mg-Ca-C brick, phosphate-bonded magnesia-chrome brick.

     The group has a joint venture compamy with Indian DALMIA Refractory Manufacturing Company, annual output of burnt bricks and magnesia-carbon bricks is 100,000mt with output value of 300 million yuan.

  Insulation materials: In 2012, the Group decided to reach a technical support agreement with "Sinochem Science and Technology Co., Ltd.", invested 200 million yuan, and adopted the most advanced microcomputer control technology at present in the world, equipped with a highly automated rock wool production line, now started one line with annual capacity of 25,000 tons, output value of 100 million yuan, the products are widely used in major urban buildings throughout the country. With the enhancement of people's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the project prospects are very broad.

      In 2018, the Group invested in Yingkou Yishi Building Energy Saving Co., Ltd., which produces ET composite board. The group independently develops a fully automatic production line that can produce 5000 square meters of heat preservation and decoration integrated plates every day. This equipment has the domestic most advanced production heat preservation decoration integration process, the production process does not need manual. The company has more than 10 patents. Products are widely used in the construction of major cities throughout the country.

  Ultra-high power graphite electrode: set up a large-scale production line of ultra-high-power graphite electrode in 2018, 61 cans of counter-flow calciner, dust removal equipment and other related 61 sets. The total investment of the project is RMB 100 million yuan, with an annual output of 20,000 tons and an annual output value of 600 million yuan.

  Mineral Resources: The Group owns a low-iron magnesite mine in Huanren, Benxi, with an annual output of 150,000 tons of magnesite, providing the Group with advantages in raw materials, production cost reduction and improving market competitiveness.