Board Chairman’s Address

As one large private-owned enterprise,Yingkou NingFeng Group was founded in 2002,through the management team’s practices and innovations,and through all the employees’collective efforts for 10 years,NingFeng has been greatly developed from a small-scale and unknown company to a comprehensive integrated enterprise,which could produce and operate refractories and raw materials of metallurgy,etc.Our achievements are closely related to the solicitude and support of different walks in the society,therefore I here on behalf of the enterprise pay high tribute to all of you.

  China will face more comeplicated business environment in the background of economic globalization.NingFeng Group will make persistant efforts to sustainable development,and dare to do more to social responsibility.At the same time of gearing to international standards,we not only make more strength to introduce funds and technichs,but also invest to build up plant abroad.Gradually NingFeng will be built into influential transnational enterprise both in global scope and in involving field.

  Create billions wealth,build hundrds-years enterprise.

  Facing future,NingFeng is full of confidence.We are striving passionately for our dream,and constructing prospect futures with the People’s Republic ofChina!